New Vice Chancellor of LUMS

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We haven't been able to get an official confirmation yet, but the news from Twitter is that Dr. Adil Najam has been appointed as the next Vice Chancellor of LUMS. For those of you who are not aware of Adil Najam, he holds two Masters Degrees and a PhD from MIT and is a Professor at Boston University. In Pakistan, he is probably best known for his blog All Things Pakistan. You can find out more about him here.

LUMS recently celebrated it's 25th anniversary. Adil Najam's move to Pakistan and LUMS comes at a critical time and it's important to not only look back and celebrate how far we've come, but also think hard about where we are heading. Dr. Ahmad Durrani's single most important contribution during his time as VC, in our view, was providing better governance structure to LUMS and moving it towards becoming an institution that has a life of it's own and is not dependent on specific individuals for survival. It will be very interesting to see what Adil Najam's vision is for LUMS and what will he initially focus on when taking over as VC in July 2011. A big thank you to Ahmad Durrani for staying away from his family for this long and for all the hard work he put in -- his contribution to the evolution of LUMS will be remembered.

Alumni Annual 2010

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The latest (2010) edition of the LUMS Alumni Annual magazine is out. The magazine is growing in size and has a lot of "news updates" on LUMS achievements. Maybe they need to analyze that in this age of information overflow how many alumni actually read all the updates.

LUMS 25th Anniversary

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LUMS recently celebrated it's 25th Anniversary and released the promotional video below. In the coming years, it will be very interesting to see the impact LUMS alumni will have on the development of Pakistan, as well as LUMS itself.

Everything Drowned

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We are all aware of the recent flooding in Pakistan and the somewhat half-hearted response from the International community. Old folks on the ground say that they haven't witnessed anything like this in their living memory. Looking at the condition of these flood victims, you almost feel like giving them all your savings.

Below is a song dedicated to the flood victims. The song is in Urdu with a loose translation in English. Even a $5 donation can put a smile on a child's face and some food in her hands. Donating to UNICEF is one option.

my mud home with it's courtyard,
my sanctuary
(is here)
my lifeline of support,
my home village
(is here)
shadows of my every moment,
all my memories and their comfort is here
my sweat, blood, and tears,
my life and death,
everything is here
(but now)
everything has drowned
everything has drowned

if you were in my shoes,
you'd be forced to voice your pain
if you were in my shoes,
you'd be forced to beg with your hands
everything has drowned
everything has drowned

everything drowned
everything drowned

Quetta to Harvard: A Journey

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People often criticize LUMS for being an elitist institute that is not really for the masses of Pakistan. The video below might answer this criticism. If you like what you see, try donating to the LUMS National Outreach Program here.

SDSB Survey

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The LUMS Suleman Dawood School of Business is conducting a market survey. You can provide them with your input here.        LUMS_SDSB_logo.jpg
by Pervez Hoodbhoy
(Image courtesy: McCullagh)
    The man who tried to set off a car bomb in Times Square was a Pakistani. Why is this unsurprising? Answer: because when you hold a burning match to a gasoline tank, the laws of chemistry demand combustion. As anti-American lava spews uninterrupted from the fiery volcanoes of Pakistan's private television channels and newspapers, a collective psychosis grips the country's youth. Murderous intent follows with the conviction that the US is responsible for all ills, both in Pakistan and the world of Islam.

Faisal Shahzad, with designer sunglasses and an MBA degree from the University of Bridgeport, acquired that murderous intent. Living his formative years in Karachi, he typifies the young Pakistani who grew up in the shadow of Zia-ul-Haq's hate-based education curriculum. The son of a retired Air Vice-Marshal, life was easy as was getting US citizenship subsequently. But at some point the toxic schooling and media tutoring must have kicked in. There was guilt as he saw pictures of Gaza's dead children and related them to US support for Israel. A little internet browsing, or perhaps the local mosque, steered him towards the idea of an Islamic caliphate. This solution to the world's problems would require, of course, the US to be damaged and destroyed. Hence Shahzad's trip to Waziristan.
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CARE for Education

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Illiteracy is an enormous problem for Pakistan. The CARE foundation is trying to empower Pakistani children with a solid education. Check out the recent documentary by Khuban Omer Khan (Bsc'04):


Information about how to donate is here.
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"Bachana" by Bilal Khan

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Bilal Khan (Bsc'09) has gone from singing on the campus stairs to having a formal song release. Check it out:

LUMS National Outreach Programme

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NOP_cover09.jpg        LUMS recently released a newsletter on their National Outreach Programme (NOP). It gives a nice overview of the motivation, current progress, and future ambitions of the NOP initiative. LUMS is actively seeking funding support for this programme. You can view the newsletter as a PDF file here:

NOP Newsletter 2009

If you wish to make any donations, you can find a pledge form at the end of the newsletter.

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